What is love? One of the most cliché and yet complicated questions that we pose as human beings, the question remains deeply personal and timeless. Throughout history, artists, poets, historians and scientists have grappled with the question and yet it remains one of our most controversial and complicated topics. So much so we devoted an entire day to contemplating the power and meaning of the word, love.

In an effort to wrap our minds around the query, the Living Loving Tampa team
visited the Tampa Museum of Art’s Season of Love exhibition where we experienced the work of two artists with the same question, Yayoi Kusama and Robert Indiana. Kusama invites us to reflect on her musings of love, life and death in the form of one of her iconic infinity rooms. The installation consists of mirrors, soft tentacle-like structures and bright changing colors. As you walk through the installation, you hear her reciting one of her love poems in Japanese, Residing in a Castle of Shed Tears.

Love Is Calling

Indiana gives us LOVE, likely his greatest contribution to the public imagination and made iconic by its recreation in Love Park, Philadelpia.

Robert Indiana

(Interesting musing: Garrett Dutton, aka G-Love is rumored to have skate boarded in said park and hence the moniker G-Love. Love Bugs, set me straight)?!